Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3: Wine-tasting in the Hill Country

Well, Doug and I did the wine-tasting -- Carter was just along for the ride!

The Texas wine country is pretty, even if the wine isn't spectacular. We had been thinking about going apple-picking or to a pumpkin patch or something, and then we realized that Carter would just be along for the ride no matter what we did. So why not do something we wanted to do? There will be plenty of time for apple-picking. :-)

We went to two nearby wineries, both of which are on the shores of Lake Travis, Stone House Vineyards and Flat Creek Vineyards. Carter did well on the drive, though we hoped he would sleep more. As luck would have it, he was mostly awake on the drive and fell asleep a few minutes before we reached each winery. Here are a few pictures of our day:

Right after we took that picture, a woman came up to me and said Carter was the spitting image of me. I do think he looks a lot like me, but it was interesting how much a complete stranger thought he resembled me.

Carter was really interested in the grape vines.

Carter did really well the whole day. He was curious about everything around him, and enjoyed the time we spent outside. He got his diaper changed under a tree, which he really seemed to like! At the second winery he got to pet a big dog, something I wish I'd gotten a picture of. He wasn't afraid of the dog at all, and smiled at it when it came over to sniff him. If he takes after me at all, he will definitely be an animal lover!

Notice how Doug is hiding behind him here, heh.

It was a fun day. We didn't love most of the wine we tasted, but the port at Stone House is really really good! I had heard good things about it, and they were right. We came home with a few bottles, and it will be worth the trip back there for more.

In other news, I'm starting to think Carter is getting close to having teeth pop through. He's been rubbing his gums together a lot in the last few days, and last night he was practically foaming at the mouth. He had a really hard time going to sleep, and it was only after we gave him some teething tablets that he finally dropped off. I can't feel anything different on his gums yet, but we'll see.

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Emily said...

I agree that Carter looks just like you... I've thought that all along and should have told you that before now!

He's just gorgeous, Jen.