Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29: Christmas tree farm

Today we went to a Christmas tree farm in Sparta, NC, with my Dad and step-Mom, step-sister Nicci, niece Taylor, and my sister Donna and her husband Chris, and children Aidan and Emma. It was chilly up in the mountains, but that just made it more fun. Here are some pictures.

Here I'm walking over to see Santa with Carter, and to the left you can see my sister with her kids.

Here are me and Carter with Santa.

Here are a few shots of us looking at Christmas trees. The nice thing about wearing a baby in weather like this is that you keep each other warm!

Carter eventually fell asleep in the carrier. Here he's on the way...

Here is Carter's cousin Aidan, who seemed to have lots of fun:

We went to lunch afterwards, and then happened upon Sparta's Christmas parade, which was fun to watch. It was a lovely day. :-)

One more day of posting, and I will have completed the NaBloPoMo challenge!

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Nicole said...

Hey! You were in my neck of the woods! 30 minutes or less from house. Which farm did you visit?