Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures from Seattle

We had an easy trip here -- Carter slept for most of the four-hour flight. So far he's been a great flier. Our luck will run out eventually I'm sure, but flying with him has been great so far. He travels well, generally. He doesn't seem to be freaked out by being in new places, and likes riding around in the sling and looking at everything. He isn't really on a schedule of any kind, and I'm sure that helps when we travel -- nothing to disrupt his expectations, heh. The only time he's gotten fussy this weekend was when we took a long lunch, but once we were up and moving again he was fine.

It's so cool here, in the high 60s today. Gorgeous! It's so much more enjoyable to walk around outside in weather like this. It's especially nice for babywearing, as it's just cool enough to make the extra warmth pleasant.

Here are some pictures from our trip so far. We walked down to the waterfront yesterday and had seafood for lunch.

Carter fell asleep and missed some of our walking tour.

We stopped for coffee, of course. Here is Carter with his Daddy.

Doug was pretending to bite Carter's tummy, which makes him laugh and squeal. I convinced him to let me video it, because it's just so cute.

Much fun was had.

Carter gets snuggly when he's tired. Awww...

Later that afternoon, we discovered that Carter really likes the view from our hotel room window.

I love this picture. He was just fascinated with the view!

We ended up ordering room service for dinner -- the two-hour time change caught up with Carter right around the time we were making dinner plans. But it was nice to just hang out in the room, actually.

We relaxed more this morning and then met up with Joeann and Sandy, whom we met in Africa several years ago. It was great to see them again and to introduce them to Carter. We walked down to the Pike Place Market for lunch and spent several hours catching up. Here is Carter with Joeann:

Tonight we have a babysitter, and tickets to see Shrek: The Musical in its pre-Broadway engagement. That should be interesting! I'm hoping to take a harbor cruise tomorrow, so we'll have more pictures after that.

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