Monday, August 25, 2008

More sitting!

Carter is getting really close to sitting unsupported! He can sit tripod style for several minutes at a time now, which is SO amazing to me. I can actually sit him up and not have to hover over him. When he falls over he usually just rolls right onto his back, no problem.

I took this video of him this morning sitting under the baby gym.

Isn't that amazing? He can hold himself up! Ironically, he's still not that crazy about the Bumbo seat. I put him in it again this morning to see what he would do, and he sat there for a few minutes. But then he started to arch his back and squirm and whine, like he didn't like being restricted, so out he came.

He's been pretty whiny lately and seems to be having trouble sleeping. For the last few days, he's gotten restless and noisy every two hours overnight. He doesn't really seem to wake up, and he'll nurse back to sleep. But it wakes ME up, of course. Ironic that he's doing this just as I'm getting ready to go back to work. Of course, I only have to get up super-early two days a week, so it isn't that bad.

He's started to scream loudly when he's frustrated, and that can be a bit disconcerting. He seems to be starting to want to be more in control of his own movements, and it's frustrating to him that he can't do that. So if he wants to be sitting up and we lay him down, he'll scream. Sometimes it sounds like he's in pain, but if I make a face at him, he'll smile right back, so it's apparently just the way he's decided to communicate his wishes! :-P

From what I've read, this crankiness and sleep difficulty is developmental and completely normal. And it's made me work a bit harder on the sign language, I have to say. I would love to be able to figure out what he wants in a way that doesn't involve that little screech of his.

I'm not sure exactly what he weighs, but I estimate it to be about 17 pounds. I weighed myself and then weighed with him and subtracted, and that was the difference. That seems about right. He's getting heavy!

Oh, and one more thing: We have a crib in our room that Carter starts the night in (he sleeps with us after he wakes the first time), and it has a light-up musical aquarium attached to the rails. Last night around midnight, I was awakened by the following sounds: thwack *music plays for about a second* thwack *silence* thwack *music plays for about a second* thwack *silence* ...

I looked over and saw that Carter was turning the aquarium on and off, over and over. I didn't know he knew how to do that!


waelton said...

I loved the video! My baby is a month younger than yours. It's so funny how they lick and chew on things like that. They don't even have to be holding it, if it's by their face they'll lick it! Your baby is very cute :)

Rita said...

Awww, so cute! Hanging by his chin on the chains. And Lucy!