Sunday, August 17, 2008

Carter's weekend

I got a new camera for my birthday and I have been using it a lot. I'm only posting about half of the videos and just a handful of the pictures I take, just enough to give you a sampling of what Carter is up to.

First, here's a picture of him lying on the sheepskin rug I got him at IKEA. He really seems to like it.

And here are some videos. The first one shows me tickling him. He wasn't ticklish for a long time, but he just recently started to giggle when he's tickled.

In the second one, he got hold of the camera strap and started chewing on it.

This one was taken this morning after breakfast. We had Carter on the couch doing some tummy time (we've discovered he really likes that tummy time on the boppy when he's up on the couch with us) and Lucy lay down in front of him. She's been cuddling up to him a lot lately, but he hasn't done much but look at her so far. This morning, he decided to "pet" her:

Check out those handfuls of fur!! (She's shedding a lot, so he wasn't yanking it out or anything.) Isn't it amazing how patient pets are with babies? :-D

1 comment:

Mattison Grace said...

He has the sweetest little giggle.
The clip of him petting lucy is so cute. I could not stop laughing at him blowing razzie's the hole time. I love that noise. Babies hands are so sticky that anything they touch fuzzy will stick right to them. It is like they have glue on thier hands.
He probably likes tummy time on the couch much better because he can see everything around him and he is taken by it all. The more they can do the more they love to explore their surroundings.
See you soon! Love, Julie