Monday, June 30, 2008

Maybe-teething and other things

Carter has been chewing on things and drooling excessively lately, which I've read can be a sign of teething. I don't feel anything on his gums, but I've also read that they can show signs of teething months before any teeth actually appear. So... is that really teething, or just something else?

Today at the grocery store he was chewing on the wrap:

He was in a good mood today. Outings have been difficult in the last few weeks because it seemed like he got cranky really quickly, and usually five minutes after we'd arrived somewhere. Today was the first time in ages that I left a store because I was done shopping, rather than because he was so fussy it had stopped being fun. I turned him forward-facing in the wrap and he just gaped at everything and everyone around him.

Carter is at a really fun age now. He's smiley and interactive, and he's fascinated by everything around him. He's friendly and smiles at people, and still doesn't mind being held by people who aren't mommy. He's finally discovered his hands and spends a lot of time either playing with them or chewing on them. He's getting really good at grabbing danging toys.

I like getting on the floor with him to play. He likes a game I call Sit up/Stand up, where I pull him up by his hands and he will either come into a sitting position or will tuck his feet under him to go all the way to standing. He really likes to stand and is getting quite good at it. He can stand for about ten seconds now. He's getting better at sitting supported, though he's still not sure about the Bumbo chair. He'll sit supported on the floor or on a lap, though, and likes looking all around. Another game we play is Push off. When he's on his back on a slick surface (like a satiny fabric) he will push off of my hands with his feet and scoot across the surface. It's really cute!

This morning he weighed 13 pounds, 7 ounces. It's just amazing to me that he's that big! At this rate, he'll be close to 15 pounds by his 6-month checkup at the end of July. And it's all from exclusive breastfeeding, which is fantastic. :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the video of Carter standing...he sounds like he is cutting teeth or a tooth....He is so big!!!!! Nana misses her sweetie...Love you Nana B

Pam Marion said...

He will be advancing to "rice" cereal soon (maybe, alittle Rudy's sauce for flavor)! Think of us when you visit Rudy's.
Have a great 4th, give our best to Doug.

Scott & Pam

Mattison Grace said...

I agree with Pam. Sounds like he will be starting Rice Cereal soon. Especially if he watches you eat and looks like he might take a hand off to get to your food. HA!
It does sound like the beginning of teething. I have to say this will only continue even though you see no teeth. I did read that babies constantly put hands, toys, etc in their mouth because it is their way of discovery. It also helps them with speech because it stregthens their tongues and teaches them how to manipulate thier tongue to make certain sounds. Matti constantly puts her hands in her mouth now and makes noises and has discovered Ba and Da. It is amazing how they learn just by chewing on hands, feet, toys, etc.
Oh, BTW drooling and mouthing only gets worse!