Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy weekend

Doug is about to go out of the country for a week, so we just spent the weekend hanging out and relaxing. It's been hot here, so there's no real reason to go outside if you can help it. We watched movies, ate Chinese takeout, and generally enjoyed being with Carter. He napped well and nursed a lot.

Doug gave him a bottle while I was at the grocery store, and it was the first bottle he'd had in a week. It's been so fantastic to just nurse him and not worry about pumping or preparing bottles. There's been nothing to wash! I packed away all the nipple shields, and I hope I won't need them ever again. I've only pumped a few times in the last week, and my supply is almost adjusted down to what Carter needs.

Here is some milk I pumped a few days ago; it's been in the fridge and has an incredibly thick layer of cream on top. Seriously, this is like abnormal -- it's not usually that fatty!

It was solid, too, almost like sour cream. I'm holding the bottle sideways here.

I'm not sure if that was just a fluke or if there was a reason it was so fatty that time.

Here are a few more pictures from the last week. We went down to San Marcos to meet Rita and her son Sam for lunch on Monday. We started at a Red Lobster but ended up at a McDonalds so 18 month-old Sam could run around.

Here's Carter napping in the travel crib. He's been napping on his boppy lounger, but he'll be too big for it soon. I'm trying to get him used to sleeping in the travel crib instead.

Here he is on the boppy lounger a few days ago, wearing a shirt I made for him when he was in the NICU at a family support group get-together. It's almost too small for him now!

And finally, here he is next to Lucy. When we first brought him home back in March, Lucy was twice his size. She looked so huge in comparison! Now they're about the same size.

In fact, some of his diapers are almost too small. I'm going to need to start buying mediums, crazy as that sounds. I remember when they were all laughably huge on him. :-P

That's all for now. I still need to do a beach post, and I'm almost ready!

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