Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NICU visit and heading out of internet range

The last few days have been a blur of outings and visits with friends. Included in that was lunch with another NICU mom and her son, lunch with my high school best friend whom I hadn't seen in probably ten years, and a few visits back to the NICU at Women's Hospital.

It was oddly good to go back there, to walk into the unit with Carter and see familiar faces. I saw quite a few of the nurses and other staff who took care of him (and me), and they were all delighted to see how big he's gotten. It was fun to show him off after a couple of months. He's more than twice the size he was when he left there, so he must look huge to them!

I am so, so proud of the fact that we worked so hard to breastfeed. It was especially great to be able to tell everyone that Carter is a BF baby, because I think there were quite a few folks there who didn't believe it would happen. Of course, the ones I visited were the ones who were incredibly supportive. :-)

I have a bunch of pictures I'd love to post but I'm in a hurry (pumping) and will be heading up to Mount Airy tonight and then on to the beach on Friday morning. I'm not sure when I'll have internet access again. Perhaps not for more than a week.

So this blog will be on a temporary hiatus, but there will be lots of fun pictures and video when it returns.

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